Sunday, July 29, 2007


Being a friendly sort of fellow I like to stay with the folks sometimes, you know spread the fluff about a bit and blag a bit of chicken. On my latest stop off I spotted this picture of a couple of interlopers called Spock and Kitty (someone must have blabbed about the chicken). What really confused me is why a pretty cute white dog would be called Kitty? Maybe her humans meant to get a cat and only realised when she got big that they had made a rather long legged mistake? Who knows humans are pretty strange at the best of times.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry as usual I think I have made a bit of a mess with this message.
I did try to send one saying how impressed I am with the photograph of you dancing and wondering if there was no end to your many talents! Also I thought Kitty looked pretty cute as well, but not a patch on you. If we could only teach the dogs to access your blog without having to have any humans overseeing I am sure they would benefit from your many words of advise. Hope to see you tomorrow - Ol' Di Ross

Charlie dog said...

Hi Di

Just finished with a torture (human term - grooming) session. I am assured that I now look ab fab (what's new). As a reward I got to play hide and seek with the fluffy duck and now I'm looking forward to my grub. See you tomorrow.

Woofs Charlie boy.