Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hi Every dog,
There seems to be a rumour going round that I have been kidnapped by aliens and have thus been prevented from blogging. As you can seen this is totally untrue, I have merely been perfecting my tan in time for the long summer days to come. Hazel has suggested that she thinks I may have over done it (she says pale is interesting, huh, she's just jealous). I would also say she has been pretending to be very busy at the office (where I also have a favourite spot for sunbathing just at the top of the stairs - don't tell the elf and safety police). I think this is just an excuse for being lazy but as I can't actually type I'd better keep quite.
Last night at one o'clock we had an earthquake and I slept right through it!!!! Does this make me the world's worst watch dog? It woke Hazel up, everything was rattling (Laurie slept through too, so that makes me feel slightly better). Tomorrow is their 21st wedding anniversary so I have to be on my best doggy behaviour (could be in for a few treats if I play my cards right). Off to bed now - have to keep up my beauty sleep.
Charlie Boy