Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm worn out, I've been spending a lot of time trying to train the humans and sometimes they are just impossibly dim. Now even pups know that bells mean 'space invaders' and that requires barking and general alarm signals all round. My humans however ignore all bells except the rather annoying one on the cooker, which gets them jumping around/falling over me/cursing-steam-general panic and mayhem. Weird or what!

In other areas things are progressing nicely, they now respond well to my single loud bark which means please give me a drink/biscuit/get my ball down from the window sill. I also have regular lap space in the evenings but I'm still not able to train them to let me sleep on the bed. Although I do have my own folded up duvet on the floor which is pretty comfy and at least nobody squashes me when they roll over.

So my message to all dogs out there waiting to be rescued is don't give up hope and when you do get new humans train them carefully and whatever you do don't bite them however dim witted they are. With a little patience they will give you years of love and good grub.

If you have any questions on training leave me a comment and I will try to help.
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Leni said...

My advice? Leave the bed training thing until winter. When the weather gets colder give it another try and you might find they are more willing to learn. A snuggly warm pooch on their cold feet or along their backs is much more welcome at the right time of year! Good Luck! ;-D

Charlie dog said...

Thanks Leni I'll give it a try. I did try once before snuggling up to them when I was cold and wet after a bath and that definitely didn't go down too well.



Cashew said...

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, "cute" has been my nickname since my humans brought me home. But, sometimes it's a curse. Like when my Mom takes me out for walks and day trips and almost everyone we pass stops to look at and pet me. Sometimes my Mom has to ignore them and keep walking so that I don't become overwhelmed. But, overall it's definitely a bonus! I can't believe that you're a rescue dog. How could anyone ever want to give up such a cutie and a "Poodle" to boot(or any dog for that matter)? Especially since Poodles are so smart. I know my Mom will "never" give me away. She waited a long time before she was ready for the responsibility of a dog and spends a lot of time traing and loving me.

We just came back from summer vacation and I'm hoping she will update my blog in the next few days with all the photos!


Le Mops said...

Last nite, I barked three times and the Ricky Daddy put me on the bed. Maybe try that. He'd been sleeping for like 4 hours already.