Monday, July 02, 2007


Now some readers will know that I take my job as security guard quite seriously. So with this in mind when we stopped off at the garage the other morning on the way to work and my male human left his keys in the car with me in it, I thought I'd better do something about it (after all I didn't want anyone stealing the car with me in it). So first I tried barking at him in my best you'd better listen type bark, then when that didn't work I had a idea - why not lock the doors - brilliant no one could steal it then. Now I can see that you might spot the problem with this clever wheeze, easy peasy to push the button down with your paw but much trickier to use the door handle to unlock the door with an irate human the otherside unable to go to work!!

Well they tried various tricks to get the door open, the best one proved to be phoning the female human to bring the spare keys. Anyway as you can see I'm now keeping a low profile and will be keeping my fluffy bright ideas to myself (at least till the next time).
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Anonymous said...

Oh Charlie!! We thought you were very good to make sure no one could take the humans car - sorry you had so much trouble convincing them you were only trying to help.
We would love to have been there to see you doing your guard dog duty!
Hope to see you in the office tomorrow - Di and Dave

Charlie dog said...

Thanks Guys

It's nice to know someone realises I was doing my best job!!!

Woofs Charlie

Lacy said...

lol charlie, and u were just tryin to help...