Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dog Borstal

I can't believe that any programme maker could be so irresponsible as to make 'Dog Borstal'. I watch in amazement as they wreck the training that dogs have worked so hard on. Humans are difficult to train at the best of times without interfering busybodies undoing all our hard work!

Dogs unite in protest give them some paws for thought. We mustn't take this lying down, perhaps we should start a petition for the number 10 website. Let me know is you have any doggy thoughts.

Today's training advise is demonstrated above, if your humans are over zealous in playing fetch simply confiscate their toy and head for the nearest sofa.


Max dog said...

Hi Charlie dog

I have enjoyed reading your blog Charlie and am glad you have a nice home to live in with caring humans. You must make sure you train them to do what you want. It took a while but I now get to sit on the sofa (and take up most of it) where it is a comfy place to watch TV from

Charlie dog said...

Hi Max

Thanks for your kind woofs, the rescue centre did a good job for me, I'm running rings round the new folks, I figure that if I make them dizzy enough I can get away with anything.