Friday, September 15, 2006

Training the humans!

Well, what can I say these humans are very slow on the uptake. I am trying to train them but it's a bit of an uphill struggle. I still can't take my rightful place on the bed at night and now it seems that my exuberant barking and leaping in the car is also frowned upon. On the plus side however I have a new bone (unfortunately the top on the squeeky carrot didn't stand up to a bit of good old fashioned chewing and it seems to have disappeared - personally I blame the health and safety police). So all in all I can't complain too much.

If any other rescue dogs out there have any tips on training the servants I would be pleased to hear from them (photos welcome).

Charlie (alias Wolfie) dog.


Anonymous said...

"Leave a comment" I said, "say Hi to to new kid on the block".... but can my humans figure out how to use a Blog-Site???? my last message could be anywhere.
So, where you hail from Charlie-boy? I'm a Battersea ex-pat : been out now for five years and going straight (to the bonio box at every opportunity). Too long in the tooth now (and claw) to risk another session in the pens so use every ploy in the book to keep my feet under the table (and nose as near to the plate as possible). I would post a picture but my dumb (no - strike that and substitute lovely) human ain't got a clue how to do it. You keep picking up the sticks, they'll keep throwing them.... keeps them in trim
The Rolls Royce

Charlie's typist said...

Hi Royce

I came from a centre called 'Heavens Gate' deep in rural Somerset. I am eight years old and one of my previous humans was very ill so I had to find some new ones. The centre were worried that I was a bit old but I thought 'hey I can do cute, there's bound to be a poodle lover out there somewhere'. Sure enough some dead soppy ones came along and couldn't bare to see me behind bars so now I'm back where I belong as the centre of attention.