Sunday, September 10, 2006

Things are looking up today - from rescue centre to a new home with two servents who so far seem trainable (although they don't seem to know how to fetch a stick yet)! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

This is Royce! I own Peter&Lynne from the (They think they own
I'm a rescue too..... these glass collectors are really a soft touch. Hope you are as happy in your new home as I have been.
Few tips for you: eat well, moult as you can (although, you being poodle'ish - not so easy, but to ensure you keep your feet under the table.... give plenty of affection to your new owner..... never fails!
The Rolls Royce

Charlie's typist said...

Hi Royce

It was really lucky that I'm poodle'ish as my new lady has some allergy thingys so a poodle is just the ticket. I agree on the affection front - I've been all over her like a rash so far!!!

Charlie dog

Flynn and Flo said...

Hi Charlie dog,

you might like to know that with your new humans comes a hugh family, we're just two of your new cousins so I hope we'll meet soon when the humans have a get together, hopefully this will include a long walk and lots of fun for us.

A few words of advice - You must encourage your humans to be as active as possible and make sure they are eating small, regular, well balanced meals (we know this will be of particular interest to you)
They do however appreciate the occassional afternoon snooze and should be encouraged towards the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, you can join in this activity too, it's most enjoyable.

Remember - humans are not just for christmas, they're for life, so take good care of them.

Good luck with getting them trained!

See you soon

Flynn and Flo

Charlie's typist said...

Hi Flyn & Flo

Thanks for the tips, I'm doing pretty well on the lap thing, especially in the evenings when they seem to settle down a bit.

I'm looking forward to Christmas as I've always been partial to spot of turkey (christmas pudding though - yuk, yukky, yuk stuff - don't know how the humans can eat it).

Look forward to a walk soon.