Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Boomarang thingy

An interesting day today, unfortunately I'm still on the expanding lead at present so opportunities for slipping under the odd field gate are limited. The humans keep throwing things for me to pick up, pretty routine stuff for a fast retriever like me. Anyway this afternoon they produced of all things a boomarang, well even I know that's supposed to come back of its own accord. Anyway I fetched it a few times just to humour them then I danced away with it just for a lark. Well I can tell you it didn't go down very well, these humans are very slow at chasing games and after a few laps of the garden they gave up and went inside, leaving me like a chump in the garden on my todd.

Whatever next!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Charlie-Boy
Expanding lead, eh? They have got the measure of you already. Now me.... from the minute they picked me up I did it by the book; walked to heel, stop at kerb, sit, stay, all the right training so they thought I didn't merit a lead. Until...... Dartmoor! How stupid can humans be. Surely my breed name should have given it away - "Belgium Shepherd" and all those free-range sheep! They were begging to be rounded up. The humans gave chase with cries of "Stop.... you'll get shot". Took them about 15 minutes to catch me; they were two shattered geriatrics and guess what? We haven't been back to Dartmoor since - killjoys or what? Keeo them active, Charlie-Boy. Royce ps.... I didn't actually catch a sheep

Charlie's typist said...

Hi Royce

Just as well you didn't catch it - big big trouble!!!

Do belgium shepherds eat moule frits by any chance, I only ask because my humans visited Belgium and apparently that was all they found on the menus.

I'm still working hard on the training but today the woman bought out a brush and after some wriggling the man accused me of being a powder puff (the things a dog has to put up with for a bonio).

Tail wags, Charlie.

Anonymous said...


Je ne mange pas de moules frits.... je prefere les bonios
et peut-etre les "gauche-overs"

Oui, the brushing bit.... sit and suffer it: they enjoy it, even find it therapeutic, and give YOU the treat.

*Sasha* said...

hi charlie,

nice place you got here...well...although it's on expanding lead, at least u have a chance to fetch stuff...i hardly get to go such places back in my hometown...

last weekend mommy brought me to beach...she tried to offleash me, n i ended up running too far away...mommy got scared n from then onwards, i am onleash again...she said 'no more offleash'..sigh...