Saturday, October 13, 2007

Don't take a poodle's name in vain

This is my new group on face book, dedicated to stopping poodle name abuse.

I vote for Tony (bad hair) Blair, when did you ever hear of a poodle waging war on another country?
Never, I might occasionally wage war on a postman, squirrel, cat, bird or any other critter entering my territory, but country no way. The point being 'entering on my territory'. So lay off the comparisons.
Who is your nomination for the naffest person ever compared to a poodle?


Chelsea said...

I am not telling my Mama about this, she spends enough time on facebook as it is. (To my dismay)

You are sooooo gorgeous.
And you look like me.
So naturally you are gorgeous.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Charlie, you look like my friend T-man. You sure look cute. :)

~ Girl girl

Orable said...

Hi Charlie - all this time I didn't know that there was another Charlie's Dog Blog!! Your life is prett busy, but I could not help musing on your war-waging comment, for once you mentioned that in the smae sentence as squirrels and postmen, the mind reeled - I suggest adding to the list: pizza men who don't deliver to dogs, and people who abuse my lovable owner when she's out and about!

(from Charlies DogBlog down under)

Barking Loud said...

Hi Charlie! We think you are so cute! Your site popped up on our PIF so lucky us! Can't tell mom about facebook 'cos she already forgets to post our stuff sometimes.

Well, Lots of Love Lick & wagging tails from The TX Gang ~ Sparky, Crikit & Ginger

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Charlie, Nice to meet you! I will check you out on facebook.